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Your guide to growing and using lavender in the home and garden

                Lavender growing in Sault, Provence, France

Welcome to 'Growing Lavender' for information about; lavender, lavender plants, using dried lavender flowers and even a little about lavender oil.   Please bookmark us and visit often. 

Lavender is a beautiful plant and easy to grow, providing you meet a few simple requirements -

Plenty of sun and good drainage.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them.  If you have a lavender event or tip to share,       please let us know. 

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How to make a lavender wand

These are not hard to make but it may take a couple to get the hang of it.

You need   -  FRESH lavender.  Start with 21 stalks.  Once you are comfortable making wands, you can make them bigger or smaller by using more or less stalks.

                  -   Ribbon The ribbon width is a personal preference.  I prefer to work with ribbon approx.   (1cm) wide.  You will need 3 5 of ribbon. 

  1. Collect an odd number of fresh lavender stalks, with the flower head attached.  The flowers should not be completely open.  They can be completely closed, but for some fragrance, it is best if a few flowers are open.  You need the stalk and flower head to be about 12 long.  (30 cm)  Once you get the hang of it, you can make the wands any size you like.
  1. Tie them together, below the flower heads.  You can use string, wool or I have used a twist tie.


  1. Carefully bend the stalks over a few at a time.  Do not break them.  This is why lavender must be fresh.  Notice you need stalks on each side of your flower heads.


  1. Ribbon.  Start by putting one end of the ribbon at the cut end of the stalks.  Take the extra ribbon into the flower heads.   Begin weaving this extra ribbon in and out of the bent stalks.  Make it snug enough that the stalks tighten onto the flower heads.







  1. Continue weaving until you have covered the flower head.  Use the piece of ribbon that you left lying down the stalk to tie into a knot or bow to finish off the wand. 








  1. If you have extra ribbon, you can continue crossing ribbons around the stalk, then tie a loop for the wand to hang up.






Looking for an easy to read guide for how to grow lavender in your garden

Check out Growing Lavender, A Guide for Cooler Climates  - just follow the link below.



           Wonderful book on how to grow lavender


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send an e-mail.  I appreciate them. 

Happy gardening.




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